Narrow inlet of Naeroyfjord

It was in the mid of January, a time when the Scandinavian countries would be bitterly cold and frosty, we made an impromptu plan to visit Norway and experience its entrancing beauty. Will it not be nice to sit in a warm compartment of a train and watch the moving ice crowned trees, frozen lakes, white washed mountains and every other thing in the backdrop touched by snow? Yes! We loved that idea too.

Our whole night journey started from Gothenburg to Bergen via Oslo. I opened my eyes when the train stopped at Bergen. It was raining outside and stepping out of train into the cold, didn’t make me very happy. Within an hour we had our next train with which, our fjord trip would begin.  

Later in the morning we reached Gudvangen, a beautiful village located at the end of Naeroyfjord. The snow clad mountains, pristine river and tranquillity had inflated its charm. Our fjord journey began from there, crossing small villages such as Bakka, Undredal on the way and ended in Flam. Flam to Bergen is the last part of our trip which was totally breathtaking.

Here are the few pictures from our fjord trip.


At the Gudvangen village
Trolls at a Souvenir shop

We were blessed to spend an hour in Gudvangen before the arrival of our ferry. A pleasant morning, a bridge across the river, mountains around, a small waterfall formed due to melting of ice, everything there was too good to be real. Who doesn’t want to be in such a heavenly place like that? The name Gudvangen itself means God’s place and I felt it fits well with the name. One can also start hiking from here to the nearby mountaintops and snatch a stunning vista. Kayaking is another best way to enjoy the beauty of Norway. I promised myself that I will be coming to this place again.

Bakka village

Bakka village on the foothill of Bakka mountain

Bakka is a small village that can be seen during the ferry ride. The houses were almost like the ones I used to draw in my school days whenever my drawing teacher asked me to sketch something. Behind the village stood a mighty bakkanosi hill, carrying a waterfall in its lap, posed perfectly to the camera.

Undredal village

Undredal : A picturesque village with snowy mountains behind

Undredal is another small place which welcomed us, almost at the end of the ferry ride. This has got a beautiful but smallest stave church in all over Scandinavia, which is still in use and can accommodate 40 people at a time. Prior to 1988 this village was accessible only through waterways. But now a well-established roadway is available.

Flamsbana Railway

One of the stops of Flamsbana
Kjosfossen in its winter mood

Our sailing across the fjord ended in Flam from where we took train to Myrdal. We were in   Flamsbana railroad, which is an epic train journey that must be in anyone’s bucket list. Lavish landscapes, Striking waterfalls, narrow paths, creepy tunnels, hairpin curves all were there to make the journey memorable. Kjosfossen waterfall is a beaming beauty, if visited in summer. But in winter most of it got frozen and we were just glad to identify the course of the water flow.


Flamsbana : One of the world’s most beautiful train journeys

We said goodbye to Flamsbana at Myrdal. Most part of the station was covered with snow. I could see many people carrying their skiing gears. It was a brisk stop for us. We captured enough pictures just before the arrival of our train to Bergen. A wintry day ended sooner there and just in sometime darkness fell over everywhere.