Gothenburg was nestled snugly in the lap of spring. The chilling dark winter slowly drifted away like a wave. Trees that were once bare and brown had turned into verdant green. Birds were migrating back as they sensed the summer call. We could hear twittering of lot many birds, which was absent in winter.

Vrångö Island

Vast blue sea with a small boat in the view

On a bright sunny weekend we planned a birding trip to the nearby Vrångö Island which is located off the west coast of Sweden and is a part of Gothenburg’s southern archipelago. Being abundant with bird life, this place is also a protected nature reserve. A comfortable ferry ride from the city coast will take you to the few islands of archipelago while the remaining isles are unreachable by public transport.

Our ferry was passing among the many small and large islands that were popping out of the water. The vast blue sea was shimmering like a gem. A bevy of mute Swans were paddling away from the course of the ferry. It took us almost an hour to reach Vrångö.

Birding in the beautiful Island

As soon as we stepped out of the boat, a welcome board waved at us. Plenty of starfishes were stuck to the rocks near the dock. Herring gulls and magpies were foraging for food. We bought coffee from the only available café and started our hiking.  Ring necked pheasant was the first in our newly spotted birds list. The pheasant was impressively radiant with bright colours and I felt overwhelmed for spotting such an attractive bird. But later on it was a very common sight.

Further moving around the island, we spotted a good number of Canada goose, Greylag Goose and Oystercatchers. An Eider was busy in taking dips in the freezing water whereas a pair of Arctic terns was relaxing on a mud pile. A white wagtail was engaged in building a cozy nest for its future guests. The smaller birds like Chaffinches, Pied Flycatchers, Eurasian blue tits, Willow warblers etc., were hopping happily among the woods. A raptor hovered around, like a policeman in his beat.

I am keeping the best for the last. Finest among all the spotting was European green woodpecker. This bird with olive green body and a red head was camouflaged among the leaves but the peculiar pecking sound gave us a hint to spot this beauty.

Here are some pictures from our trip. (Also read: Birding at Skagen, Denmark)

Ring-necked Pheasant
White Wagtail
Common terns on a mud pile
Greylag Goose
Common Eider
European Herring Gull
Barnacle Geese
Canada Geese

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