It had been a while that we couldn’t travel anywhere. So we decided to visit Norway’s capital Oslo on a weekend. I always wanted to spend a day or two in this city and see the beautiful parks, fjords, museums and much more that it could offer.

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It was a bright autumn day, when we had arrived in Oslo. The whole city was dressed up in autumn colours like red, orange, yellow and peeping green in between. Though winter hadn’t officially started, there were all hints of its arrival. With an Oslo pass which we bought for 90 NOK at tourist information center and a city map in hand, we started to plod across the city.

Here is a checklist of the attractions that could be possibly visited on a day trip. I am sharing the itinerary here.

Opera house

Opera House (This photo was taken during winter )

We started our journey from Opera house which is just a few meters away from the Central station. Standing tall besides the large waterbody, this place is very pleasant to walk around.

Akershus fortress

Strolling past the city streets, admiring the architecture and snapping colourful pictures here and there, within few minutes we reached the Akershus Fortress. This fortress has constructed in 13th century which was a Royal residence. We walked past the fortified walls and reached a vantage point. From there we could see the Oslo fjord shimmering in sunlight.

Oslo Fjord

Oslo Fjord

As we had the advantage of having a day pass, decided to enjoy the ferry ride in the fjord. This ride was hop on and off of the islands that were scattered across the fjord.

Folk museum

Stave Church at the folk museum

Visiting a stave church in Norway was always in my list. Oslo Folk museum is an open air museum that hosts one such beautiful stave churches. This museum also exhibits reconstructed old house models from different parts of Norway. One can enjoy the coffee or some freshly baked bread inside some of those farmhouses.

Vigeland Sculpture Park

Another main attraction in Oslo is this sculpture park with more than 200 statues made up of bronze, Granite. One could easily spend an hour here by walking among the trees and admiring the carvings.

National Museum of Oslo (National gallery)

At the end of the day we visited National gallery to have a look at the wonderful collection of paintings. Here one can see the most famous painting “The Scream”.

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