Though every season has its own charm, Spring is always more lively and colorful. One of the best countries to experience these colors would be the Netherlands! They are the largest exporters of Tulips and if visited in spring, charming tulip fields can be seen across the country. Keukenhof, being famed as one of the largest gardens in the world, is the most visited tulip garden in Holland.

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tulip garden of Keukenhof

Keukenhof garden entrance
Tulips everywhere

Keukenhof was my dream destination from very long time. In last spring, finally we could fly to the Netherlands to witness this spectacular moment. We arrived at Keukenhof early in the morning. Even before entering the garden, just beside the entrance, there were long rows of tulips waving at us. Once we got in, the first sight was of course tulips. The garden area was brimmed with tulips, ranging from all colours, which i can’t even name. I was surprised to see the sheer amount of flowers grown, thus creating a magical mood but i was equally surprised to see the crowd around. Standing in queue for tickets, for a coffee, to enter the windmill, to take a picture in a spot where there are none in the background and also to use the restrooms, made us tired. Navigating among bursting people was not an easy job, which added more time to our visit.

History of Keukenhof

Keukenhof, translated as “Kitchen Garden” located in Lisse, southern Holland, once served as hunting ground. As it was also a source of herbs for castle kitchen of Jacqueline, Countess of Hainaut, the name Keukenhof was used, which carried till today. It was established as garden in 1949 with the idea of exhibiting the flowers grown by the Dutch people, but over the years as the tulips took over the stage and kept winning people, the name Keukenhof got interlaced with tulip garden.

Tulip Facts

The word “Tulip” come from Persian word for Turban, because of the flower’s resemblance to the turban. Tulip was originally found in the regions of Central Asia and slowly became popular in Europe. Its adoration increased slowly and making tulip as the symbol of affluence. It was even exchanged as currency. Now It is widely cultivated across many countries. Currently the Netherlands stand at the top in the list by producing more than 3 billion tulip bulbs annually.

Tulips in full bloom

Around 7 million flowers bloom in Keukenhof every year. The captivating beauty of the tulips attracts visitors from all over the world. Even though the parks is opened for a short duration of period, millions of flower lovers visit this park, to witness this eye-appealing phenomena. Not just tulips but also other flowers such as orchids, roses, carnations, daffodils, crocus, hyacinths etc can also be seen here.

White flowers seen at the Keukenhof

Time it Right

Tulip garden of Netherlands opens during mid of March and allows visitors until the mid of May. Despite the fact that the flower blooming is largely depends on weather, on an average last two weeks of April can be considered as good time to visit the park. It can be easily reached from Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Schiphol, The Hague, Leiden Etc., We traveled from Rotterdam to Leiden by train and got the bus to Lisse from Leiden.

Here are few more clicks for Tulip lovers.

Beautiful garden area
Can you count the colours?
Another beauty
Large Tulip fields outside the garden

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