We have a small Guava plant in our backyard, which is large enough for small birds to perch and small enough for me to observe them clearly. When it fills with fruits, effectively invites the frugivorous birds. Main visitors are the White-cheeked Barbets, Vernal Hanging Parrots and Malabar Parakeets. All these green birds hides among the leaves and feasts on the fruits withought making much noise.

White-cheeked Barbets are the ones that stay from morning till dusk in that tree. Its almost like their own tree because they don’t like to share it with others. When the tiny vernal hanging parrots come, they try to shoo them away and keep the monopoly over the guava tree. But Vernal Hanging Parrots do not give up. They are persistent enough to come back and get their share. But when the bigger Malabar Parakeets are here on the tree Barbets are well behaved.

If we walk near to the tree, all the birds hop on a bigger tree and simply wait for us go away. Once we are out of the place, they will be back in 5-10 minutes. I have also seen Rufous Treepies here, but i feel they are more for the insects that come near the ripen fruits or those hidden under the leaves.

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White-cheeked Barbet

A small Green bird with a light brownish head and pale pink bill and with white stripes on the face which makes peculiar “kutr kutr” song mostly heard during its breeding season. In the presence of humans they choose to fly away. I had seen very different behaviour of these birds in cities where they are so used to humans and now they don’t care anymore. These birds at my place usually be found on the fruit plants like Guava, Chikkoo but sometimes can be observed among the mixed hunting flock. They peck a neat hole in a soft tree and use as their nests. I have seen their nests among the areca trees.White-cheeked barbet Christ University - Birdwalk (2).jpg

Malabar Barbet

Another Barbet species that I observed at my backyard is Malabar Barbet. Smaller than White-cheeked Barbets, these birds prefer to sit on taller trees and never visits small plants. We have some big fruit trees as well. When they bear fruits Malabar Barbets visit them in groups.

Malabar Barbet (Psilopogon malabaricus) - Male - Sakleshpur - India -2009.jpg

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