We would like to go to Hallerbos, Anoop was trying to be more clearer and louder this time. Still the guy who was sitting inside the information centre nodded, indicating that he didn’t understand. I was about to write it down, when the lady behind us asked Do you want to go to the Bluebell forest? Yes Yes, we replied with relief as finally someone understood what we were saying. She showed us a counter to buy tickets. We thanked her and ran towards the counter.

Another guy popped up and asked what he can do for us. When we informed him about Hallerbos, he helped to buy round-trip train ticket to Halle and guided us towards the platform. In next 10 minutes, we boarded the train to Halle at Brussels-midi railway station.

Where is Hallerbos?

Hallerbos (Halle forest) is a forest around 20km from Brussels, the capital city of Belgium. What so special about this? Here, usually during the last two weeks of April a magical transition occurs indicating the onset of spring. The bare branches of Beech trees cover with tender leaves whereas the forest ground turns itself into a purple-blue carpet. Millions of little Bluebell flowers bloom at the same time masking the ground with winning bluish purple.

What is Bluebell?

Common Bluebell, scientifically known as Hyacinthoides non-scripta, is a bulbous perennial plant (lives more than two years) and often indicates the ancient woodland.

We were in Halle, waiting for the free shuttle to drive us to the forest. This free shuttle, available only during the peak season, took us to the entrance of the Hallerbos. As we were nearing the woods, scattered bluebells were showed up. A sweet scent wafted through the air. From the entrance if we follow the thick purple line (It was shown in the map given to us), then it would be the path where we can see the most flowers. Oh! It was purple everywhere. The purple color with the green background created a mystic environment. We spent almost four hours strolling across the woods, witnessing this mesmerizing spectacle.

Which is the best time to visit Hallerbos?

Why is it usually during the last two weeks of April? Because these flowers to bloom, need the sunlight and the warmth. As soon as the winter fades away, tiny bluebell buds start their work together to make the purple tapestry, thus creating an alluring atmosphere. But the trees around also indulge themselves to make a green canopy and thus not letting the sunlight to pass through. Once the sunlight is unreachable, these blue beauties turn grey and dull hinting the end of their season.

As the bluebell blooming time might vary from year to year based on the weather, it is better to look for the updates at https://www.hallerbos.be. Also in this website, it is easy to find information about the hiking map, accessibility to the forest, parking and every other required detail.

Though the weather was cloudy and dull but it didn’t rain. So we could get few nice pictures. Also there was a group of people among the woods, dressed with colorful outfits were into photo shoot. We dint miss that photo opportunity and requested them that we would like to take few of their pics. Luckily they agreed and we got a handful of adorable snapshots.

Here are some pictures from the trip

Lovely colors of Spring
Sea of Bluebells
Its Bluebells everywhere
Isn’t it pretty?
Busy in taking pictures
Contrasting Green and Blue was picturesque
With colorful people

Would you like to come for a walk, princess?

What are your thoughts on this? Do you want to visit Hallerbos in next spring?

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