It is always fun to try something new. So last weekend when my friend asked me if I am interested in joining her on a Helicopter ride, I said yes instantly. Because it was going to be my first ever Helicopter ride and that made me every excited.

Last weekend the weather in Gothenburg was bright and sunny which would be perfect for a Helicopter ride. The vast blue sky had tiny clouds here and there. Those were the last few days of dreamy summer. We left to the old Säve Airport and arrived earlier than the given slot. After spending some time roaming around the area and posing for photos we met our instructor. He gave us a brief introduction about the ride and handed over the life vests.

We hopped into the Helicopter and it took a flight. Our Pilot Eric was nice and helped us to identify various landmarks. I could see the gleaming blue sea under and the clear blue sky just above. We traversed along the coast and spotted some of the islands in the archipelago and then followed the curvy course of the Göta älv towards the city. There they were the Göta älvbron, Central Station, Kviberg kyrkogård, lipstick building, Botanical garden all bathing under the shimmering sun. Oh!! what a site it was.

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Arial view of Gothenburg from Helicopter
Arial view of the west coast
Arial view of Gothenburg from Helicopter
Amazing bird’s-eye view of the city

I and Anoop just after the Helicopter ride

In the next few minutes we were back at the airport with a wide smile on our face. Eventhough I felt it was a short ride indeed was a nice experience to cherish.

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