Our small bus filled with around 10 people was meandering in the Bosnian roads, following the course of a river. Bright Sun shining in the cloudless sky  made the river to glitter. Smiling spring flowers could be seen at every nook and corner of the roads. The pleasant weather made the trip more lively and enthusiastic.

After a long journey of two hours from Sarajevo, after crossing the rivers and lakes, after passing the lush green woods and after paying the entrance fee, we disembarked from our vehicle at the entrance of Sutjeska National Park. Green carpeted lands, snow capped mountains with a blue sky in the backdrop and deep valleys where the shining sun rays couldn’t even enter, were welcoming. Weather favored us by being more friendly and lively. Fresh air fanning my face brought the warmth and left me exhilarated. The tallest of all the mountains, the Maglic must had decided not to show it’s peak, hence had put on cap of mist. We then started our hike towards Trnovačko Lake.

Green was still dominating other colours. In the beginning the path was broad enough to take group selfies but later it became so narrow that it was difficult for us to walk without watching our steps. At one point we crossed Bosnian border and entered the Montenegro without any of those security checks! I dint even notice that it was the border until our guide Harris mentioned it.

Without much difficulty, we reached the Trnovačko. Emerald green coloured lake that spread in between the huge hills gave the feeling of an amphitheater. The place was unbelievably wonderful with a small hut at the edge. This lake would have looked like heart shaped, if that had been observed from above, by climbing the surrounding mountains. Sitting on the bank of the lake we ate sandwiches, biscuits and had a cup of warm coffee. After long lunch, spent some quiet time, tried to fill our mind with that serenity. Some people dared to take a dip in that ice cold water.

Later, we headed back to our starting point. The lonely cab was waiting under the crystal clear sky. The sun was still bright and shining. After exchanging the goodbyes with the Sutjeska National Park, we boarded our vehicle.

At the entrance

Tallest of all the mountains, The Maglic

Lake Trnovačko, a beauty to be admired

A group pic 🙂
Some wild flowers

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